Vegan hummus & mushrooms burgers

Vegan burgers, absolutely perfect for autumn! The mix of hummus and smokey barbecue sauce might sound like a weird idea, but I promise you it is absolutely delicious!

Beetroot, feta & shiso "cake"


A simple yet sophisticated looking first course for summer dinner parties, yes please! This yummy recipe where mediterranean meets japanese will surprise your guests :)

The best leek soup EVER

OK, with such a title, I ought to live up to expectations! More seriously, this is how I like to make the most heart warming, velvety, delicious leek soup, or should I say leek, onions and celery soup.

Munster sauce with bacon and roasted mirabelles


A surprising cheesy, yummy, sweet combination of holy Alsacian staples : munster cheese and mirabelles. This sauce is super easy to make but will definitely make a huge impact on your hosts! 

Seafood Ramen


Ramen are definitely one of my go-to dinners. Such an easy and quick meal yet nourrishing and quite healthy. I like to try out different broths, noodles, toppings and experiment with new flavours. Here's what I came up with lately : a delicious, slightly spicy seafood ramen with a hint of sichuan pepper and tomatoes! 

Sweet potato tempura & Bibalaskas


One of the most known alsacian dishes, Steamed potatoes with bibalaska - a kind of cream mixed with herbs and garlic - with a twist! For this recipe, I decided to use sweet potates and fry them in a light tempura batter. In the bibalaskas mix, I decided to add some rosmary and candied lemon zests for a fresher note. It's super simple and fast to make, do give it a try for your next dinner!

Peach and cheese pasta salad


A fresh and surprising summer salad with a delicious peachy dressing sauce! The idea came to me as I was putting together one of my usual batch cooking salads, which are my summer staple food : chilled pasta, lots of fresh veggies and a little bit of cheese. This combination is one of the most delicious ever!

Cod with truffle dashi sauce

In need of a last minute recipe for Christmas? Here is a creation of mine! A different sauce for white fish, that isn't too complicated and has a really different and unique taste. Truffle and dashi go surprisingly well together! I do hope you'll enjoy it. Let me know if you tried!

My Grandfather's Scandinavian Christmas cookies

I am so happy to share with you one of my all time favorite Christmas cookies recipe! Here are the most delicious honey and spices cookies my Grandfather always bakes for Christmas time. Enjoy it with tea or Glühwein, or even honey milk at night for a delicious and comforting moment in wintertime!

Sweet potato, carot & ginger soup


An easy comfort soup recipe for these chillier days in lockdown!

Scallop and bacon carpaccio


A fresher and cooling take on a classical recipe, roasted scallops wrapped in bacon!


These delicious sheep shaped cakes are a traditional Alsacian delish we bake every year for Easter! I am happy to share with you the recipe from my grandfather, who was a baker and used to make dozens of these cuties each year in these antique sheep molds. We still perpetuate the tradition and give these as gifts to friends and family to eat at Easter's morning breakfast. Enjoy! 

Miso, Eggplants and cheese bruschettas

Hello everyone! I'm happy to show you a new recipe. I recently got obsessed with Japanese miso, this fermented soybeans paste that is so versatile, diluted in soups to replace dehydrated stocks, coating vegetables, mixed in sauces... I recently tried a famous grilled eggplant with miso recipe and found it so delicious and interesting that I wanted to give it a bit of a western twist, associating it in a kind of fusion combination and in quite a fun form, so here it is: miso eggplants with goatcheese and lentil sprouts on a toast! I think the goat cheese and butter balances quite well the saltiness of miso and that the onion rings and sprouts add some freshness to the toast. I'm quite proud of my creation, approved by a husband with high standards ^^. I do hope you'll like and try it out, let me know if you do!