Miso, Eggplants and cheese brushettas

Hello everyone! I'm happy to show you a new recipe. I recently got obsessed with Japanese miso, this fermented soybeans paste that is so versatile, diluted in soups to replace dehydrated stocks, coating vegetables, mixed in sauces... I recently tried a famous grilled eggplant with miso recipe and found it so delicious and interesting that I wanted to give it a bit of a western twist, associating it in a kind of fusion combination and in quite a fun form, so here it is: miso eggplants with goatcheese and lentil sprouts on a toast! I think the goat cheese and butter balances quite well the saltiness of miso and that the onion rings and sprouts add some freshness to the toast. I'm quite proud of my creation, approved by a husband with high standards ^^. I do hope you'll like and try it out, let me know if you do!